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Log Thomas McGinnis Family History


Generation No. 4


     29.  John Kopel4 Mcginnis (Jesse3, John2, Thomas1) was born March 08, 1825 in read his journeys in Parrie pilgrims, written bye James stickler, and died November 20, 1900.  He married Mary Hardin Simmons September 16, 1847, daughter of Joshua Simmons and Mary Webster.  She was born October 07, 1830 in Kentucky, and died July 10, 1901 in Powhaten Kansas.

Children of John Mcginnis and Mary H Simmons are:

+  50      i. James Thomas5 Mcginnis, born March 11, 1855; died Abt. 1940.

+  51     ii. William Henry Mcginnis, born September 20, 1858; died December 01, 1938.

+  52    iii. Robert Joshua Mcginnis, born August 20, 1849; died March 28, 1906.

+  53    iv. John Allen Mcginnis, born February 16, 1853; died January 15, 1912.

+  54     v. Jesse Franklin Mcginnis, born June 22, 1851; died January 20, 1941.

     55    vi. Lewis Williamson Mcginnis, born August 12, 1864; died April 16, 1937 in Abilene Kansas.  He married Julia M Hostetter January 16, 1888; died in Abilene Kansas.

+  56   vii. Mary Ella Mcginnis, born April 05, 1868; died January 26, 1950.

     57  viii. Author Mcginnis, born December 15, 1870; died January 06, 1871.

     58    ix. George Samuel Mcginnis, born March 06, 1862; died October 25, 1916 in (single).


     35.  Elizabeth4 Mcginnis (Aaron3, Edward2, Thomas1) She married Nathan P Dalton.  He was born October 05, 1842 in Grainger Co TN, and died August 07, 1920.


Notes for Nathan P Dalton:

Nathan Served with company C 12 Battalion Tennessee Cavalry from 8-1863 until 1864


Children of Elizabeth Mcginnis and Nathan Dalton are:

     59      i. Colby5 Dalton, born May 18, 1866; died May 10, 1919.  He married Mary Campbell.

     60     ii. Cora Dalton, born July 25, 1871; died August 31, 1948.  She married James Shockley.

     61    iii. Percy Dalton.

 Percy Dalton:Born Deaf and Dumb.


     62    iv. Robert Dalton.  He married Lizza Coffey.


     48.  Alla4 Mcginnis (Moses3, Edward2, Thomas1) was born February 06, 1834, and died November 20, 1903.  She married Andrew Jackson Livesay October 18, 1852 in Tread way, TN. 


Children of Alla Mcginnis and Andrew Livesay are:

+  63      i. Elizabeth5 Livesay, born November 24, 1853 in Clinch Valley, Hancock TN; died August 04, 1932.

     64     ii. Woodson Livesay, born August 03, 1855; died August 24, 1932.  He married Mary Wolfe September 21, 1897 in moors burg Hawkins CO Tennessee.

+  65    iii. George Livesay, born September 24, 1856; died June 12, 1928.

+  66    iv. John Livesay, born March 17, 1861; died August 19, 1932.

     67     v. Francis Marion Cone Livesay, born February 28, 1867; died August 19, 1929.


Generation No. 3


     7.  Jesse3 Mcginnis (John2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1772.  He married (2) Mary Ann Reed April 02, 1823 in Bondsman, Mark T Anderson,, daughter of Reed and Mary Kopel.  She was born October 12, 1798 in Washington, Tennessee..  He married (3) Maria McLaughlin Abt. 1837 in Macomb ill. 


Jesse Mcginnis:

Jesse moved from mercer county Kentucky, to warren county Kentucky were he joined up with General Andrew Jackson and fought in the war of 1812 at the battle of new Orleans .he left Kentucky bound for ill

1820"S eight years after the battle,

Arriving 1825 at Macomb ill,

You can read the Journey of Jesses son john Kopel and Mary Hardin Simmons.

JESSE Was a woodsman carpenter bye trade? Jesse McGinnis 1772 died 1843 age 71 death place Boyle co KY 

Married Margaret Ann Reed  #2 Agnes Hicks mercer co KY  #3 Maria McLaughlin in Macomb ill 1825



Children of Jesse Mcginnis Margaret Ann Reed is:

+  29      i. John Kopel4 Mcginnis, born March 08, 1825 in read his journey in Parrie pilgrims, written bye James stickler; died November 20, 1900.

     30      i. Mary Jane4 Mcginnis, born October 08, 1827.  She married Benjamin F Clark November 18, 1847.

     31     ii. Robert S Mcginnis, born October 04, 1828.

     32    iii. James S Mcginnis, born January 03, 1824.




Children of Jesse Mcginnis and Maria McLaughlin are:

     33      i. Thompson4 Mcginnis.

     34     ii. Williamson Mcginnis.


     23.  Aaron3 Mcginnis (Edward2, Thomas1) was born Abt. 1758.  He married Hannah Wolfe 1781, daughter of Charles Wolfe and Susanna Schneider. 


Children of Aaron Mcginnis and Hannah Wolfe are:

+  35      i. Elizabeth4 Mcginnis.

     36     ii. Edward Mcginnis, born 1812.

     37    iii. Charles Mcginnis, born 1817.

     38    iv. James Mcginnis, born 1819.  He married Sarah Sally Dalton.

     39     v. Andrew Mcginnis.

     40    vi. Robert Mcginnis, born 1821.  He married Martha J Stone.

     41   vii. Peter Mcginnis, born 1826.

     42  viii. Barbara Mcginnis, born 1829.

     43    ix. Nobel Mcginnis, born 1829.  He married Louisa Nash.


     24.  Moses3 Mcginnis (Edward2, Thomas1) was born July 06, 1789 in Smith, county VA., and died December 14, 1873 in Hancock county TN..  He married Mary Wolfe.  She was born March 15, 1786, and died March 24, 1864 in McGinnis cemetery Flat Gap, Hancock co TN.


Children of Moses Mcginnis and Mary Wolfe are:

     44      i. Coy4 Mcginnis, born June 13, 1809.

     45     ii. Nancy Mcginnis, born August 04, 1812.  She married John Payne; born January 15, 1815 in Grainger County TN; died May 23, 1835 in Rock castle KY.

     46    iii. Temperance Mcginnis, born December 06, 1820 in Hawkins County TN.  She married Archibald Wolfe; born August 02, 1813.

     47    iv. Mary Ann Mcginnis, born February 18, 1827.  She married James Live say; born September 30, 1825 in Hawkins County TN.

+  48     v. Alla Mcginnis, born February 06, 1834; died November 20, 1903.

     49    vi. Edward Mcginnis, born February 23, 1836.  He married Nancy Wolfe in Hancock, County, TN..



A Family History     THOMAS 



?? Generation No. 1??


     1.  Thomas? McGinnis was born in Ireland.  He married Polly Ann.


Thomas ? McGinnis:

Thomas? McGinnis, depart around early 17th century, before the great potato blight.


Lets start this journey in Ireland with Thomas?.

Thomas? McGinnis 1710 country down Ireland he came to raise his six sons in the wilds of Kentucky,

Family history Thomas father was an earl owned a castle near Dublin,

When the earl passed on Thomas? was invited to return to his native Ireland the emerald island of his child hood, Thomas turned down the title and estate .

To stay in the wild country of Kentucky he now called home. With the young Polly Anna,

With six sons were born, John, Edward, William, Robert T, David, and Thomas.


Children of Thomas McGinnis and Polly Ann are:

+  2         i. John2 McGinnis, born 1748.

+  3        ii. William McGinnis, born Abt. 1740.

+  4       iii. Edward McGinnis.

     5      iv. Thomas T McGinnis.

     6       v. Robert T McGinnis.

 Generation No. 2


     2.  John2 McGinnis (Thomas1) was born 1748.  He married Elizabeth Greene, daughter of Nathaniel Greene. 


Notes for John McGinnis:

John McGinnis moved to Harrods Station the spring of 1777 with his family.  Five brothers,

David, Edward, William, and Thomas T, Robert T,.


John McGinnis Enlisted in the Continental Army March 3 1779,

Served in Col Armands Legionary Corps VA. At the battle of Yorktown PA, Discharged, in the fall 1781.

After His enlistment John settled in mercer county Kentucky a few miles East of Harrods station.


The 1781 Yorktown Campaign, in Virginia,

 Was the final major military episode of the American Revolution. The campaign involved a remarkable degree of cooperation and coordination between French and American forces over a vast region of North America and the West Indies: a French army in Rhode Island under the comte de Rochambeau, an American army outside New York City under Gen. George Washington, an assortment of American regulars and militia in Virginia under the marquis de Lafayette, a small French naval squadron at Newport under the comte de Barras, and a formidable French fleet in the West Indies under the comte de Grasse.

The objective of the French-American allies was to trap Charles Cornwallis, the British commander in the south, who had established himself at Yorktown on the Virginia peninsula after having failed to destroy the American army of Gen. Nathaniel Greene in the Carolinas. The various contingents all converged on Chesapeake Bay at virtually the same time. Siege operations against Yorktown opened on Oct. 6, 1781, as French and American artillery began a nearly incessant bombardment of Cornwallis's positions. Sir Henry Clinton in New York City hastened a naval expedition to the relief of the Yorktown garrison, but it was beaten back by de Grasse. On October 17, Cornwallis asked for an armistice and proposed terms unacceptable to General Washington. With no hope remaining, Cornwallis surrendered his nearly 8,000-man force to the 17,000-man Franco-American army on Oct. 19. For all practical purposes, the American War of Independence was over.

Children of John McGinnis and Elizabeth Greene are:

+  7         i. Jesse3 McGinnis, born Abt. 1772.This is my Grandfather we are sure of his name to be Jesse,

     8        ii. David McGinnis, born Abt. 1775.

     9       iii. Samuel McGinnis, born Abt. 1778.  He married Sarah Earlywine October 10, 1816 in Nicholas county Kentucky; born April 13, 1798 in Nicholas county Kentucky; died April 20, 1859 in rush county Ill.

     10    iv. William McGinnis, born Abt. 1776.


     3.  William2 McGinnis (Thomas1) was born Abt. 1740.  He married Martha Patsy Lillard. 


Children of William McGinnis and Martha Lillard are:

     11      i. Thomas B3 McGinnis.

     12     ii. David L McGinnis.

     13    iii. Greenberry Dawson McGinnis.

     14    iv. Margaret Ann McGinnis.

     15     v. Bernetta McGinnis.

     16    vi. Smith McGinnis.

     17   vii. Brazilla Mary McGinnis.

     18  viii. William S McGinnis.

4.  Edward2 Mcginnis (Thomas1) He married Nancy McElhaney.  Children of Edward Mcginnis and Nancy McElhaney are:

     19      i. James3 Mcginnis, born May 17, 1776.

     20     ii. William Mcginnis, born Abt. 1780 in Washington, County VA.  He married Nancy Brown April 27, 1799 in Granger County, TN.

     21    iii. Robert Mcginnis, born Abt. 1777.

     22    iv. John Mcginnis, born Abt. 1771.

+  23     v. Aaron Mcginnis, born Abt. 1758.

+  24    vi. Moses Mcginnis, born July 06, 1789 in Smith, county VA.; died December 14, 1873 in Hancock county TN..

     25   vii. Margaret Mcginnis, born May 1774.

     26  viii. Mary (Polly) Mcginnis, born Abt. 1782.

     27    ix. Annie Mcginnis, born Abt. 1773.

     28     x. Absolum Mcginnis, born Abt. 1772.

These lines have been found around philly,Kentucky,and ILL,






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